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Yoga Diet

TruFlavorWare® Non-Metallic Flatware Aids Yogic Diets
as ALL Food “Simply Tastes Better!”

by Don Ladanyi, B.S.E., J.D.

A Yogic diet is not complete without the use of TruFlavorWare, non-metallic flatware that "Simply makes Food taste Better!" Channeling the pure-taste aspects of ancient bamboo chopsticks, TruFlavorWare allows one to eat natural foods without having to add fattening taste-enhancers like salad dressings, sauces and gravies. Natural lettuce never tasted so good when you use non-metallic flatware like TruFlavorWare! Even tomato soup tastes sweet, not bitter, since there is no bad "metallic taste" ion-producing reaction with metal flatware occurring.
TruFlavorWare Non-metallic Flatware
Yoga is a whole body experience; one that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Yoga practitioners looking to deepen their practice often begin to examine their entire lifestyle and how it impacts their body and practice. As one delves deeper into yoga, the foods and products yogis use become more important.

Following a diet that is free from preservatives and unnecessary chemicals will help to keep the body cleansed of impurities. One holistic way to enjoy a diet based on clean and wholesome foods is to use TruFlavorWare, utensils that will ensure you taste only your food and not the metallic aftertaste of traditional flatware or the chemical taste of plastic flatware.

Yoga practitioners understand the importance of eating a pure foods diet, and because these utensils allow the natural flavor of foods to come out, yogis can rest assured that their food will need fewer fat-based additives. Natural foods will taste better than you ever could have imagined. Butter and salad dressing will be unnecessary when you taste the food and not the spoon. Because
TruFlavorWare improves the taste of fresh foods, yogis will find that they can more easily follow a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, legumes, dairy and limited meat products. Simple foods will taste better than they ever have before.

Choosing to
eat natural, whole foods will help you achieve so much more than ideal health. Keeping impurities out of your body will help you feel balanced. Eating low-fat foods will prevent you from feeling weighed down by saturated fats, high cholesterol levels and unnecessary additives that will clog your system. By maintaining a pure foods diet, the mind and body can achieve perfect balance and integration, allowing one to be more alert and focused. TruFlavorWare can help yogis attain this goal by helping them avoid additives like spices and flavorings.

is a revolutionary new flatware system modeled on the ancient Chinese chopstick. These utensils are not made of wood, metal or plastic, however. They are a new material that is completely non-reactive, 100% taste-free and contain no harmful chemicals like BPA, plasticizers, oils or formaldehyde. By highlighting pure taste, TruFlavorWare "Simply makes food taste better!” They are completely dishwasher-safe and FDA food-contact approved too.

These “cool” utensils are thermally insulated so hot food stays hot, but the handle stays cool. There will be no flavor residue left behind from previous uses and these utensils are unbreakable. They have the weighted feel of heavy metal, but they are completely metal free. These products are Eco-friendly and perfect for anyone concerned with the overabundance of chemicals in daily life, and they have a lifetime guarantee.

Yogis can be assured that these products will help them achieve a healthier diet which, in turn, will help them improve their yoga practice because they will feel light as air on the mat. Other people who may be interested in these include pregnant women and new mothers. When a woman is
pregnant, she becomes so much more aware of each and every item that enters her body. There is no more important time than pregnancy to avoid unnecessary chemicals and additives. By using TruFlavorWare, women won’t have to use additives in their food because it will taste so good on its own.

Whatever path you are on, these utensils will help anyone achieve health and well-being. Whether you are an advanced yogi or are new to the mat, you will find your journey into a yogic life enhanced by the use of these amazing utensils. Knowing that no harmful chemicals will be added to their diet is just the kind of assurance that yogis need for their own peace of mind.

TruFlavorWare®   +pure taste   +pure health   +pure living!