TruFlavorWare®           "Simply makes Food taste Better!"™
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Non-metallic, 100% "taste-free" Tabletop Flatware

SPECIAL NOTICE! Due to unrelenting demand, we are making available a special Limited Edition run of our TruFlavorWare® FORKS during July-August 2014. They are not inexpensive but they will certainly hold up for years and years of non-metallic, taste-free use.


is the "ULTIMATE TASTE" non-metallic flatware

...and the first and only safe "Farm-to-Table" flatware on the planet!

+pure taste    +pure health    +pure living

 Discover the "TruFlavor" of real home cooking! ™     

See "PURCHASE" above to order your complete 4-piece TruFlavorWare® place setting with our amazing Cadena
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  One Single Fork ONLY Price!

Colors Available

  TruFlavorWare 4-Piece Place Setting

"Modern Oriental" Pattern (Natural Almond)

Why use TruFlavorWare?

For thousands of years, bamboo chopsticks have been used extensively in the Orient dating as far back as the Chinese Shang dynasty of 1766 BCE. Bamboo is well-known for not altering the pure taste of food through contact, unlike metal or plastic flatware which add all sorts of unnatural tastes. (Just try licking a metal spoon or smelling a warm plastic spoon if you have any doubts!).

In a nutshell, TruFlavorWare is an “Americanized” version of the Oriental chopstick without any of the hassles or inconveniences of using wooden chopsticks. TruFlavorWare has the look, weight, strength and substantial feel of traditional metal flatware without any of the negative (aversive) taste sensations.

This pure taste advantage is accomplished through the use of our "taste-free" and "totally inert" advanced proprietary material (aptly named TruFlavorWare) that is almost alien-like in features, yet it is totally non-metallic, dishwasher-safe and FDA food contact approved. (You can even side-cut meat and chicken with our ultra-sturdy fork. No problem!) Furthermore, TruFlavorWare was scientifically engineered to be inherently Eco-friendly and "green" in all holistic aspects.

TruFlavorWare is highly durable and long-lasting too! 

The end result, and perhaps the most important feature of using TruFlavorWare, is that foods will come “ALIVE!” with flavor. TruFlavorWare makes a food item as simple as lettuce taste wonderfully succulent! The bottom line is that you will use far less fattening items such as salad dressings, cheeses and dips in order to enhance the taste of what would normally be considered a bland food item such as lettuce. This holds true for meats and vegetables as well: less sauce, less gravy, less butter, etc. = less fat!

Since TruFlavorWare “Simply makes Food taste Better!”™ the benefits for you and your family are:

+pure taste   +pure health   +pure living

"It's ALL about the TASTE!"™ why put old school "taste-reactive" impure metal flatware in YOUR mouth?

Use TruFlavorWare®  long-lasting, non-metallic flatware.

Coming now via the Web, T.V. and a Store near you.

NOTICE: Full sets NOT available at this time until new philanthropic grants issue.

With unique "Cadena" GIFT Case

TruFlavorWare 4-Piece Place Setting

"Modern Oriental" Pattern (Deluxe Black)

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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PLEASE NOTE: Should you experience an unexplained taste change such as a lingering "metallic taste" in your mouth, then please seek advice from a doctor or hospital as this symptom may be indicative of an underlying medical condition deserving professional attention.