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  Four-Piece Place Setting of
TruFlavorWare 4-Piece Place Setting
"Modern Oriental" Pattern
The Ideal Gift!

Includes a beautiful, ergonomically-styled, single place setting consisting of a Dinner Knife, standard 5 ml Teaspoon, Dinner Fork and a large 10 ml Soup Spoon
. Both spoons feature our patent pending "anti-spill" technology* while the Soup Spoon also features the unique and practical fusion* of an oriental ladle spoon and an American lollipop-style soup spoon.

The ultra-sturdy TruFlavorWare utensils are shipped in a reuseable carrying case, aptly named a "cadena" following the lead of France's King Louis IV. His majesty gave visiting nobility flatware as a very special gift housed in a convenient cadena box to promote modern flatware when first invented in the 1500's.

However, our amazing patent-pending Cadena gift box/storage case is a bit more spectacular as you can clearly see in this short video below!


This TFW product makes the idea gift for anyone who could use a BIG smile as they open up the unique TruFlavorWare "
dynamic display" case*. (Remember the big smiles and contagious giggles when we used to eagerly open up our pop-up Holiday story books!)

* patents pending by Don Ladanyi


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Special Introductory Price!

With unique "Cadena" GIFT Case

Please specify either Black or Almond color utensils.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

"Savor ALL the Flavor!"

TruFlavorWare® is also known and marketed as TrueFlavorWare™, PurFlavorWare™, PureFlavorWare™, TruTasteWare™, TrueTasteWare™, PureTasteWare™ and PurTasteWare™