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User Testimonials
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"To Truflavorware,

The link, will take you to an article that might help describe my situation. As I was going through my chemotherapy treatments, I was warned that food would taste different (worse) than normal. I thought I was prepared, but it truly made it hard to eat and keep up my strength. My mother gave me a beige spoon from my cousin and asked me to try using it when I eat. The irritating taste was gone and the food was not just palatable; it was almost normal. When I talked to my cousin I told him about it and he told me it was Truflavorware a product he found that claimed to eliminate the metallic taste of food. Whatever it is; thank you. This feels like a regular spoon and it has been through the dishwasher a lot of times because even after my treatments; that by the way are showing me to be cancer free, I still find myself using that spoon a lot of the time. By the way, when I ate during chemo it seemed like I had a toothache before using the spoon and not when I was using it. Was that my imagination, or is there something to that?"

Carol P., Detroit, MI

"Best darn tasting salad I ever had eaten wth the truflavorware fork wow!" Dawn L., Avon , O

"Just wanted to write this short note about your fine new product from TruFlavor Ware, which in fact "simply makes food taste better." It is true that any other spoon be it wooden, metal or plastic has a taste of its own. I have tried them and they all have quite a strong taste that detracts from the sause or whatever you are preparing. The TruFlavor spoon tastes completely blank or neutral, as if your taste buds were just switched off temporarily. This is about the spoon empty. If you think about it, tasting a sauce, for instance, with any other spoon is like taking a bath in dirty water. If you really want to know how your dish is going to taste, you need a couple of these things... It's amazing how long we have lived tasting other things than our food and not noticing the taste of the utensil. Keep up the good work... every chef should have these. They would be a welcome gift for weddings, aniverseries or birthday of anyone who truly enjoys cooking." John C., Cleveland, OH  

"After the taste test at the Cornell sensory lab, you gave me a couple of spoons to take home.  I tried them with the tomato soup and ice cream as you suggested and boy, what a difference!  In fact, even my cold morning cereal of Fiber One flakes is packed with more flavor.  I had my husband compare your spoon with one of our metal spoons and he also sees a slight difference, however; his taste buds are messed up due to working with lead paint years ago, so even the slightest difference to him is good.  I'm truly amazed and want to tell everyone I know, but did that sheet we signed before the test bind us to keep the info about the product confidential." Sherry W., Ithaca, NY 

"Love the spoon, wish I had the knife and fork! I find the eggs really taste a lot better - I have been using it for everything." Vicky H., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"When I had a recent stay at the hospital, I found my meals to be bland no taste at all like eating cardboard. I was introduced to a new product called TruFlavorWare, to my amazement the food began to taste better. This is great because I am a diabetic so no salt, no sugar, boring! Thanks now everything has good taste the lettuce, peppers, onions I can taste them all." Drew L., Avon Lake, OH

A video testimonial from Richard in Brazil:

"Savor ALL the Flavor!"

"I tried the fork with a large salad of locally grown produce. I found that in addition to the non metallic fork making food taste better I especially like the fact that this product is made in the USA!" Fran C., Westlake, Ohio

"I tried your fork. Absolutely a major flavor boost to my food. And just a reminder, I'm a smoker whom they claim loses your total sense of taste after years of smoking. My food tasted awesome! So I guess I can keep on smoking. Great job!" Bonnie Jeans, Lakewood, OH

Wendy wrote: "Bought six sets for my daughter's family... She loves it! You don't know what it means for people with serious metal issues to have a "normal" set of flatware!"

Janell wrote: "I'm the daughter^^^ and she's right! They are perfect! I haven't ate with metal/silverware since I was a little little girl finding a "nice" and "normal" set was impossible to find so THANK YOU!! I really love them! "