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TruFlavorWare® Non-metallic Flatware
for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

 by Don Ladanyi, B.S.E., J.D.

Imagine buying the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious food available. You season it to perfection and you serve it with love. Now imagine every bite tasting flat and flavorless – or worse yet, like metal or plastic! That's called dysgeusia. (

Any number of conditions can trigger dysgeusia (pronounced dis-GOOZ-ee-a), an abnormal sense of taste - including smoking, vitamin deficiency, head trauma, medical treatments, dry mouth and metal sensitivity. It sometimes happens without a known reason. One of the most common causes of dysgeusia, however, is pregnancy.

During pregnancy, most women experience a heightened sense of taste and smell. An expectant mother may complain that all of her food is tinged with the flavor of the metal or plastic eating utensils she uses. Food becomes unappetizing, even repulsive. This metal or plastic flavor was always there. She just didn't notice it before her pregnancy.

Perhaps pregnancy-related dysgeusia is nature's way of protecting both mother and child. When a woman becomes nauseated by the taste of plastic, for example, she naturally avoids eating from plastic containers or with plastic utensils. Plastic has long been known to leach chemicals into food, including the harmful chemical BPA, linked to reproductive problems and breast cancer. Scientists debate about how much BPA exposure it takes to cause permanent harm, but common sense tells us that less is better.

When the taste of metal utensils interferes with the true flavors of food, might that be nature's way of telling us to avoid metals? ( Not everyone has the ability to properly excrete metals they ingest, and some women develop new allergies or sensitivities while pregnant. Sensitivity to nickel in stainless steel flatware can cause congestion, cough, indigestion, rash, or blistered hands and lips. The only treatment is avoidance of the metal.

While some nausea is expected during pregnancy, when a pregnant woman loses her appetite altogether because food doesn't taste right to her, it jeopardizes her health and the health of her baby. Pregnancy places a high nutritional demand on a woman's body. A woman who doesn't eat the right amount of healthful, nutritious food during pregnancy is more susceptible to illnesses and infections. She is more likely to develop anemia, deliver prematurely, and experience complications with delivery, including life-threatening hemorrhaging. Her baby has a higher chance of low birth weight, low immune system function, poor vision, and lower IQ, which will carry throughout the child's lifetime into adulthood.

In extreme cases, hospitalization may be necessary to prevent malnutrition during pregnancy. For most women, however, the solution is as simple as replacing metal or plastic utensils with TruFlavorWare flatware. TruFlavorWare is tasteless and odorless, eliminating the obnoxious flavor and leaving only the true flavor of the food. In summary, TruFlavorWare simply makes food taste better, and better-tasting food obviously encourages better nutrition. It’s a win/win scenario!

In addition to simply making food taste better, TruFlavorWare has the substantial weight, look, feel and strength of traditional flatware but without the metal. TruFlavorWare is attractive, durable and completely dishwasher-safe. It’s made in the USA (so the material is quite safe) and it’s FDA food contact approved too; yet it’s also Eco-friendly. Amazing!

TruFlavorWare non-metallic flatware is a simple change that makes a world of difference!

TruFlavorWare Non-metallic Flatware