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Metallic Taste

Non-Metallic Flatware Makes Food Taste Better for Dysgeusia Sufferers

by Don Ladanyi, B.S.E., J.D.

TruFlavorWare is creating quite a stir as the company unveils its new, non-metallic eating utensils that are not only distinctive, but also supportive for persons who experience Dysgeusia

Dysgeusia is a constant, atypical taste disorder. This unfavorable reaction is especially seen in chemotherapy patients and can also be the result of particular medication combinations in other patients. People who suffer with Autism also may experience Dysgeusia*.

*(Please see for symptoms, solutions and possible treatments).

The Problem: Dysgeusia often presents itself as a “metallic taste” sensation and makes eating uncomfortable and difficult for those suffering with this condition. The negative impact on mood, which comes from appetite loss and oftentimes nausea from chemo, makes eating undesirable and can lead to malnutrition. TruFlavorWare is an alternative that is drastically reducing and often eliminating the complex metallic taste completely according to actual consumer feedback and taste test studies.

The new, innovative and award-winning tabletop flatware was created by ground-breaking inventor, Don Ladanyi, who specifically designed the product to aid the many chemotherapy patients who experience Dysgeusia metallic taste symptoms.

The Solution: Unlike metal or plastic flatware, TruFlavorWare is made of a tasteless, proprietary composite material that is remarkably similar to bamboo wood chopsticks known for their “pure taste” qualities. The company tagline is therefore, not surprisingly: “Simply Makes Food Taste Better!” TruFlavorWare is not made of chemical and oil exuding plastics or nasty tasting metal; therefore, the utensils are well known for not adding any taste to foods and also being very sturdy.

TruFlavorWare operates under philanthropic grants and has designed the scientifically engineered product as a “Green” alternative for the planet in all holistic aspects. The non-metallic flatware is dishwasher-safe and FDA food contact approved.

TruFlavorWare is attracting attention around the globe due to its highly durable and long-lasting material which has the substantial weight, strength, feel and durability of metal flatware, even though it is totally non-metallic. In fact, TruFlavorWare is so strong that it is even possible to side-cut meat and chicken with the ultra-sturdy fork, but the real benefits are the fact that the flavor of foods is extra clear and enhanced when using this smart-alternative flatware.

TruFlavorWare comes in almond and black and is available in a variety of attractive place settings. The flatware ships in a package set with each setting being four pieces: a knife, a fork, a large soup-style spoon and a teaspoon. The settings are sold for service up to six people on the website. A single set is priced reasonably at $14.95 with each additional set priced accordingly but shipping remains constant, so the more you order the more you save.

The TruFlavorWare website is where health enthusiasts and earth friendly individuals have been latching on and implementing the progressive product and boasting exceptional results. The website makes ordering the pioneering flatware easy and the exceptional product is being distributed via the web online store, the television and many brick and mortar locations worldwide. The website hosts plenty of helpful information on the exclusive product.

Also, there is a “Farm-to-Table” movement ( taking place in the United States that consists of real people in a real community who care about what they eat and, perhaps more importantly, what they are NOT ingesting into their bodies. TruFlavorWare is pure, safe and uncontaminated; therefore, the perfect flatware for this pure living movement!

Learn more about Dysgeusia by visiting

In summary, if you experience a persistent metallic taste in your mouth from diagnosed Dysgeusia, consider TruFlavorWare, the non-metallic flatware, drug-free, holistic solution that "Simply makes Food taste Better!"