TruFlavorWare®           "Simply makes Food taste Better!"™
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Integrated Medicine
Holistic Benefits of Using TruFlavorWare
Makes food come "ALIVE!" with Flavor
Following the holistic precepts of integrated medicine, with TruFlavorWare as a "totally-inert" palliative food delivery system, one's pure-tasting food appetite can be effectively stimulated resulting in increased nutritional intake.

Furthermore, TruFlavorWare exudes no chemical or biological toxins to further pollute our bodies or the fragile environment: No oils, plasticizers, formaldehyde or Bisphenol A (BPA) as with many common plastic flatware utensils.

No metal taste. No plastic taste. TruFlavorWare utensils are absolutely taste-free!

No aversive (bad) tasting ion generation as when food comes into contact with metal flatware.

Safe and effective! Ergonomically designed. Positioning bands on handles for sight challenged users.

Provides a boost to self-esteem at a time when needed most: "Simply makes Food taste Better!"

+ pure taste   + pure health   + pure living 

Special Introductory Price! 
With unique "Cadena" GIFT Case

TruFlavorWare 4-Piece Place Setting

"Modern Oriental" Pattern

Made in the U.S.A.

"Savor ALL the Flavor!"