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Healthy Yoga Diet

WHAT? Is Missing From Your Healthy Yoga Diet?

(aka “The Other Secret!” – Explained)


by Don Ladanyi, B.S.E., J.D.


As a yogi, one of the most important principles of living a yogic life is creating a lifestyle that is healthy, balanced and as close to nature as is practically possible. In today’s fast paced, technologically driven world, where everything seems to revolve around chaos and activity, it can sometimes be difficult to remain true to nature. Even food, which should be one of the most natural parts of our lives, has become more and more artificial, with chemicals, hormones and man-made substances being relentlessly added to the food that we eat.

It is not something that many people may think about, but even the utensils that we use to eat our food have an impact on our bodies. Knives, forks and spoons made out of materials such as steel or plastic influence the taste of our food and leave subtle traces of unhealthy chemicals that you ingest each time you use them. Now, with TruFlavorWare® non-metallic flatware, you can help to bring yourself and the food that you eat back into the appropriate natural balance, with cutlery that does not alter the natural taste of food items.

With TruFlavorWare pure-taste eating utensils, you can follow a truly inspired yogic diet and improve your health and well-being – and best of all, you will start to taste food like you have never tasted it before.

It is well recognized that countries in the East have always had a far greater understanding of holistic health and whole body wellness, which is why the discipline of yoga has its origins in the East. It is only fitting, therefore, that the reasons behind the development of TruFlavorWare go back thousands of years, to the Shang dynasty in China, in 1766 BC.

From this ancient time, bamboo chopsticks were used almost exclusively for the consumption of food stuffs in the East. Bamboo was chosen for this purpose for a very specific reason – it is a purely natural substance and is well known to not alter the pure, natural taste of food. Channeling that thought, TruFlavorWare was developed with this principle in mind – you choose the food that you want to eat because you want its pure flavor, untainted by foreign, metallic tastes. You could overcome this problem by using bamboo chopsticks as they have in the East for centuries, but chopsticks are simply not a practical way of eating for many Western cultures. That’s where TruFlavorWare flatware comes in – this amazing product has been created from a new compound that is completely non-metallic, tasteless and chemically inert. This means that it is guaranteed to leave NO unnatural tastes or chemicals on your food, allowing you to enjoy your meals in the way that they were meant to be enjoyed, with pure, safe, untainted flavor.

TruFlavorWare has the look, feel and action of traditional metal cutlery, but it makes a world of difference to your meals. By bringing out the natural flavors of every single item that you choose to eat, you will find that you need to use far less unhealthy seasoning, dips and sauces – meaning that your diet becomes healthier, less fattening and more natural! TruFlavorWare ‘Simply makes Food Taste Better’ – try it for yourself and you’ll never be able to go back to using traditional, metallic cutlery.

If you are a practicing yogi, you will know the importance of following a yogic diet. As anyone who has practiced yoga before will know, it is a truly holistic activity that combines the various aspects of the mind, body and spirit and maintains them in perfect balance. To truly practice yoga, it is important that you do not simply practice the exercises, but that you alter your lifestyle in order to keep this balance. It is important to remember that anything that you take into your body becomes a part of who you are – which is why it is essential that you keep your diet as pure and untainted as possible.

A pure, all-natural diet is what is best for your body, but it can be difficult to keep your diet free of unnatural preservatives and chemicals. Now, TruFlavorWare makes it easy to keep your food pure, by allowing you to taste the true, natural flavors of what you are eating. Trust us when we say that with TruFlavorWare, you will feel far less need to add artificial seasonings to otherwise bland food – and by avoiding seasonings and sauces, you will be avoiding countless preservatives, chemicals and unhealthy substances.

Traditional metallic and plastic flatware leaves a bitter, metallic and artificial taste on your tongue – which often needs to be drowned out with sauces, spices and gravies. You may be attempting to live a yoga practitioner’s lifestyle with a yogic diet, and yet are finding it difficult to enjoy the taste of natural foods such as vegetables, legumes and grains that are essential to a yogic diet. Well, rest assured that once you are no longer tasting the artificially incorporated bad tastes and chemicals (like BPA) that you unwittingly add to your food each day simply by putting it into contact with metallic or plastic tableware, you will open up a whole new world of natural pure flavors – and will find it easier than ever before to eat the natural, healthy diet that will keep your body, spirit and mind in holistic balance.

Just as the practice of yoga helps to keep the mind, body and soul in balance, so a yogic diet aims to keep the food that you eat perfectly in balance, and aligned with your personal needs. In the practice of yoga, it is believed that there are three qualities to all energy in the universe. These qualities are collectively known as Gunas, and they are Sattva, or purity, Rajas, or passion and Tamas, or inertia. One of the major principles of living a yogic diet is the Guna of Sattva – purity. A Sattvic diet should be as pure and untainted as possible, in order to allow to a state of true health and peace in the body.

allows you as a yoga practitioner to follow the purest possible diet, free of unsafe, tainted tastes and foreign chemicals, while still ingesting all of the important nutrients necessary for the nourishment of your body and mind. Incorporate TruFlavorWare, true taste flatware into your lifestyle now and follow a truly pure, yoga diet – you will open up a whole new world of pure flavor.

TruFlavorWare non-metallic flatware Simply makes Food taste Better!

TruFlavorWare®   + pure taste   + pure health   + pure living!

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