TruFlavorWare®           "Simply makes Food taste Better!"™
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A Practical Solution for "Dysgeusia
TruFlavorWare actually reduces or eliminates the "metallic " or "silverware" taste!

HERE NOW for Professional Chefs/Nutritionists/Dieticians: Hospital Flatware Settings by Chef's Standard™, a division of TruFlavorWare™

Chef's Standard™
- Healthcare Flatware (Totally Inert Taste Specification!)

Available in Tan or Black solid colors ONLY! (No red band). Please specify color choice!

          1. No added taste to ingested food whatsoever! (100% food and 0.00% spoon taste!)
          3. Non-spill surface tension allows easy pouring and liquid transfers
          6. Thermally insulated for no heat loss (cooling) from bowl to tasting
          7. No extraneous, leftover tastes can embed in TruFlavorWare™ material from previous foods
          8. Non-staining
          9. Handle stays cool, never too hot to hold
         10. Non-metallic, proprietary material has the substantial weight and feel of heavy metal. NASA-style space age
         11. Dishwasher safe
         12. Unbreakable, unbendable, shatter-proof in normal or extended culinary use
         13. NSF Food Contact approved
         14. No metallic taste or negative-tasting food-contact ion reactions can occur because TruFlavorWare is
              totally non-metallic
         15. Chemically and physically inert (no food-contact ion generation). Totally "taste inert," unlike metal spoons. No
              inherent "plastic" taste or smell as with common nylon, ABS or polycarbinate tasting spoons
         17. U.S. Patents issued and pending
         18. ASTM and ISO tested and rated
         19. Totally organic and Eco-friendly too!
         20. Nothing like it available anywhere else on eBay or anywhere on the Web!
         21. Lifetime warranty!
         22. Made in the U.S.A.

  TO PURCHASE: Please CONTACT Donna Williams at

(BULK QUANTITY pricing available!)

"Savor ALL the Flavor!"

The above video shows the strength and durability of our TruFlavorWare flatware utensils.