TruFlavorWare®           "Simply makes Food taste Better!"™
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Farm-to-Table Flatware
Pure - SAFE - Uncontmainated! Non-metallic Silverware
Tabletop Flatware
The "Farm-to-Table" movement is sometimes also called the "Farm-to-Fork" lifestyle. It consists of a real community of real people who care about what they eat and, perhaps more importantly, what they are NOT ingesting into their bodies.

And TruFlavorWare capably solves the weakest link in the pure food chain of "farm-to-table" goodness because we here at TruFlavorWare believe that we ARE the "fork" in the "Farm-to-Fork" movement and that we ARE the first and only food safe flatware in "Farm-to-Table flatware."

+ pure taste   + pure health   + pure living

Enjoy Pure, Safe, and Uncontaminated Food Flavors!

It's no secret that modern food is laced with harmful chemicals and additives.  However, most people don't know that some of those harmful food additives can actually come from their dinner flatware and cooking utensils!  Worn silverware, porous wooden spoons, and cheap plastic utensils leach chemicals and alien flavors into otherwise good food, ruining your best intentions to eat healthy and cook flavorfully.

Fortunately now, there is finally another way to cook and eat that will keep your food safe and pure.  Created by Don Ladanyi, TruFlavorWare is a revolutionary (non-metallic) flatware material based on ancient Chinese principles.  Channeling the simple goodness of chopsticks, TruFlavorWare allows you to enjoy high-quality organics and home-grown fruits and vegetables without any flavor or chemical transfers from your eating utensils.

You can use TruFlavorWare, non-metallic silverware, just like regular dinnerware or tabletop flatware.  It's available in natural bamboo wood colors or more traditional dark flatware hues.  Dishwasher safe and completely Eco-friendly, it is FDA approved but more importantly, it is wholly acceptable to those who care about preserving the safety of their food “from farm to table.” 

Get started now with your own TruFlavorWare “Chef’s Tasting Spoon” and you will quickly see the difference between eating chemically altered foods and eating foods protected from contamination by TruFlavorWare technologies.  You may not have even realized how much your old spoons, knives, and forks were affecting the taste of your food.  Once you have a chance to taste and truly experience the flavor difference, you will look at your food and your daily cooking and eating utensils much differently.

Why continue to ruin perfectly good meals with sub-par flatware and polluting cookware?  You want to eat right and do the right thing for your health and body, so it's time to move beyond the run-of-the-mill stuff sold in mainstream kitchen goods stores.  With TruFlavorWare you can take things to the next evolutionary level in order to properly savor each and every bite you take of your natural and wholesome farm-fresh good food… uncontaminated by modern chemicals.

Incidentally, Ladanyi’s product has the substantial weight, feel, strength and durability of stainless steel flatware, but it’s obviously not made of steel.  You can bend it just a little bit for tactile feedback, but it won’t stay bent. So even digging into rock-solid frozen ice cream, no problem!  It sure beats having bent-up metal spoons around the house.

In summary, I agree with the manufacturer, TruFlavorWare “Simply does make food taste better!”

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