TruFlavorWare®           "Simply makes Food taste Better!"™
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TruFlavorWare was carefully designed over the period of several years by two dedicated engineers who reviewed consumer feedback conscientiously, and incorporated key user suggestions into the ergonomic design aspects of our award-winning TruFlavorWare flatware.

No detail was overlooked, down to the smallest aspects such as spoon volumes and fork tine angles, as just two examples. Here are a few more ergonomic features and benefits of TruFlavorWare design:

  • No sharp edges or pressure points on hand contact areas
  • Precise angles of flatware design facilitate ease of use without any arkwardness in handling
  • Patent-pending "anti-spill" feature incorporated into teaspoons and soup spoons
  • Three-tine fork design for easy withdrawal from pierced food (like apple slices and meats) and for better handling of fine-grained foods such as rice granules
  • Two raised bands on handles for ease of positioning utensils in sight challenged individuals
  • Flat handles are very comfortable and easy to hold for extended periods
  • Anti-drip feature on soup spoons limits drips to one point for easy elimination in use
  • Easy to use when care feeding others as angles are perfect and spills are negligible thanks to anti-spill feature
  • Won't break or bend in normal culinary use, even in rock-solid ice cream
  • Tapered knife handles for perfect grasping with no awkward feeling
  • Dinner knives designed for perfect cutting of steak and chicken without need for metal steak knives. Will not flex easily like plastic flatware does! 
  • Perfect contour and width of dinner knife blade's top side for comfortable index finger placement to increase control and leverage
  • Extra cutting teeth on dinner knives for better cutting action and longevity
  • Exact 5 ml teaspoon and 10 ml soup spoon measurements
  • Extra large volume soup spoons compared to most known soup spoons on the market means more liquid delivered per arm movement cycle
  • TruFlavorWare proprietary material keeps liquids hotter longer than metal flatware
  • Hot and Cold food  sensations will not transfer to handle. Handle stays at hand temperature.
  • TruFlavorWare has the substantial weight, feel, strength and durability of metal flatware
  • No annoying protrusions when cutting or digging into hard foods or desserts
  • All TruFlavorWare utensils deliver perfect, mouth-sized portions
  • Generic "modern oriental" look fits all occassions and place settings
  • Easy hand-washing or dishwasher slot-loading sizes for all utensils